Welcome to RealSens™ Automated Metering

RealSens™ Advanced Metering Solution provides you with real-time and historic meter readings in table and graph format with various export options for advanced data analysis and billing options. Meter positions are also displayed on a map background for accurate location identification.

RealSens™ was primarily developed for the challenging water metering sector, making the reading of electricity and gas meters, recording of temperature, 4-20mA output and much more, a breeze.

Armed with real-time and historic data you are now empowered to manage the delivery and usage of water and electricity more effectively and efficiently, resolve disputes faster, forecast trends and eliminate nasty surprises when your utility bill arrives at the end of the month.

Additional customised functions like online water and energy balance options will oversee the integrity of the supply zones, reducing non-revenue water.

The RealSens™ web site is easy to use; simply log in with your username and password or register as a new user and select the desired option from the menu. Use the PREVIEW tab for a quick demonstration.

We thank you for your interest in, and support of our product. We invite you to make use of the contact us section for any enquiries, suggestions and comments.


Jim Wright: “Pure water, when and where you need it, is worth whatever it costs to get it there” The coming water famine, 1966